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The pace of change is mind-boggling. And unlocking the power of your brand has never been harder. At B Unlimited, we believe that experience drives behavior, and all experiences must be designed. To be truly effective, we design experiences  using the latest advances in technology  that make a connection at an emotional level, drive the behavior to create change, and deliver a real impact.

This is a great space to become mentally prepared and focused on birthing your next big project,



My Name is Tiana CEO  and Founder of B Unlimited Creative Agency


…and I make magic for my clients. I’m a brand strategist,  business consultant, certified paralegal, mindfulness practitioner, product developer, graphic and web designer who helps creatives  like you upgrade to authentic, soul-aligned brand design your customers will love and trust. The kind of branding that makes you feel like you’re putting your whole heart + the reasons you started your business in the first place on display for the world to see.


The kind of branding that transforms your business by transforming the world’s perception of you and what you have to offer. Branding that reflects and communicates who you are at a soul-mind level, so you can attract aligned clients.


I can support you as a long-term team member, by your side to design every promo, press kit and product you need as your business grows and thrives, consult with you to develop a brand strategy that gets you unstuck, or design your brand visuals from the ground up. The core of what I offer is support where you need it most, you so you can focus on the parts of your business you do best. Let’s make magic together!

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