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12 page Fundraising Proposal Template | Grant Application Template | Funding for Nonprofit, Charity and Church Groups | Canva Template.

Writing a fundraising proposal that resonates with prospective donors and attracts supporters who believe in you and your goals can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

The funding application must tell your organizations story in a compelling manner, while persuading the donor or funding body that your cause is meaningful. It must also convince funders that your organization is fiscally sound, transparent and capable of achieving the goals and objectives of the proposal.

The template is specially designed for nonprofits, NGO's and community groups as well as charity, church and religious organizations that are fundraising for schools and education programs for disadvantaged groups in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australasia. To simplify the writing process and allow you to apply for grants, sponsorships, donations or funding faster, simply replace the placeholder text with information specific to your fundraising goals or use the examples we've provided.

The 12-page fundraising proposal template is easy to use and covers everything a good funding application should include. 

12 page Fundraising Proposal Template | Grant Application Template

  • Front cover
    - Contents page
    - Who we are
    - How we can help
    - How we benefit the community
    - Our mission and vision (what funding will allow you to achieve) - 2 pages
    - Support us (fundraising tiers explaining different pledge amounts)
    - Project budget
    - Project timeline
    - Donation commitment form
    - Back cover

  • 1 file with the link to access the templates & step by step instructions on how to edit the template.
    - Fundraising Proposal template with drag & drop elements for easy customization using Canva

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